Heat Transfer Vinyl – HTV, is a cuttable polyurethane (PU), available in many colors and textures, that can be applied to many types of fabric and materials to create designs and promotional products.

Available in 6 types of HTV materials with some having several colors and textures.

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Our HTV cuttable decoration option is an excellent choice for customizing garments and accessories. It can be an alternative to screen printing or embroidery that offers a great deal of versatility. You can choose from a variety of colors, patterns, and materials to create the exact look you desire. The material can be applied to almost any fabric. Additionally, this method works well with solid logos or designs so they will stand out on any garment.

Service Includes

  • HTV material
  • Cutting and weeding of the HTV from your artwork file provided.
  • Application of the HTV to your garment or product
  • NOTE: Shipping is not included in price.